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Elena Delaney

My background is music and performing arts teaching. When I left to start a family, I earned a ‘royalty’ style income’ writing educational revision guides and alongside that built a buy to let property portfolio. But, in 2007, with the credit crunch and housing market collapse, we needed extra income so it was natural to start teaching again. Despite loving teaching, I was not enamoured with a static income and eroded pension, but equally didn’t want the stress, responsibility or time constraints of promotion. Suffice to say I was open to looking at other avenues.elena

I was introduced to a business concept at a networking event in November 2011. My husband was initially sceptical, but I’d learnt about network marketing years earlier, and I was excited to get going. This time, unlike the property investments, I’d found massive potential with no risk. Phew!  I saw a company with strong ethics and family values top of the list.

With the benefit of fantastic training from an experienced supportive team, I’ve built a successful and expanding business. It’s delivering the lifestyle and income I was looking for, and given me the confidence to build our property portfolio further. The largest return however has come in the form of amazing self-development and peace of mind knowing that my business is completely flexible so I can choose when and how I prioritise my work and family time.