Case Studies Elena Delaney, Mike Butterworth,Tracy Pickles, Lindsey Jackson, Phil Pickles and Elena Delaney
Case Studies
Meet Elena Delaney
My background is music and performing arts teaching. When I left to start a family, I earned a ‘royalty’ style income’ writing educational revision guides and… Click here to read the full storyelena
Meet Phil Pickles
When I looked at the opportunity over 10 years ago I worked 80 hours a week in the medical equipment industry. Although I liked… Click here to read the full story


Meet Lindsey Jackson
I was introduced to this business by a class member. Not looking for anything new, but in the back of my mind wondering if I would teach Pilates for another 25 years, I… Click here to read the full story 
Meet Tracy Pickles
My background is in financial services and more recently a full time mum.  11 years ago I was looking for time. I worked 40… Click here to read the full story


Meet Mike Butterworth 
My background is in Physiotherapy. I diversified many years ago to develop my own business in the production and distribution of Pilates DVD’s… Click here to read the full story
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