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Why Should You Consider Working From Home?

April 17, 2015 Jonny Lilley

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Here’s a question: how many people in the UK do you think work from home? As of last year, the total number is 4.2 million, which is almost 14% of working people. This number has grown hugely over the past decade… but why?

Perhaps this is because working from home cuts out a lot of the things about work that make it stressful. Don’t believe us? Picture this:

There’s no commute

…unless you count the walk from your bed to your desk. This is great for a variety of reasons: it’ll save you time and money, and cut out all road rage from your working day.

You don’t have to deal with office politics

How much of your current work day is taken up chatting with colleagues? Some of this might be enjoyable, but a lot of it is likely to be unproductive and unhealthy. If you could remove the gossip, small talk and uncomfortable conflicts from your day, we bet you’d feel a lot lighter.

You can create your own ideal working environment

None of us are the same, and because of this the ideal working environment looks different for all of us. You might work best sitting on your sofa with music blasting, or you might feel much more productive using a standing desk in total silence. Whatever your preference, if you work from home you’ll be able to indulge it without it bothering anyone else.

You can spend your breaks relaxing in a way that works best for you

If you work in an office environment, you’re probably familiar with spending your breaks at your desk. This isn’t how most of us would choose to relax if we had the choice. When you work from home you can do whatever you fancy, whether that’s thirty minutes of yoga (which can have a positive impact on stress) or an episode of your favourite TV show.

You can set your working hours around your life rather than the other way round

Does the standard 9-5 work for you? When you work from home you have a lot more freedom to develop a schedule that makes sense for your life. Perhaps you’d rather work 9-3 then catch up with the last few hours once the kids are in bed. Maybe you’re an early riser and it would be better for you if you could start early and be finished soon after lunch. After all, why should you try and adapt your life to fit around work when it’s possible to do it the other way round?

You have more freedom to travel

In most cases, having the freedom to ‘work from home’ really means you have the freedom to work from anywhere you choose. This could mean working from your spare room, from your local coffee shop, from the homes of family or friends, or from a hotel or holiday apartment. This means you have a lot more flexibility to travel! No longer will you have to head home from a weekend visit on a Sunday night: you can work from wherever you are. This could be a real game changer if you have children as you’ll have more time to take them to visit far flung family and friends.

You have more control over your life

When you give up forty hours a week to go and work in an office, you’re handing over a lot of control to your employers and colleagues. If you choose to work from home, you’ll take that control back. You and you alone will be able to choose when you work, where you work and how you work. Not sure what your ideal workday would look like? There’s some wonderful inspiration here. Now, doesn’t that sound better?!

Are there downsides?

Of course, working from home isn’t all about the benefits: there are some definite downsides. There tend to be a lot of distractions when you’re working from a home office including housework, errands and family members. It can also be very tempting to spend too much time on fun break time activities and not enough on what needs to be done! If you want to reap the benefits of working from home, you’ll need to have the dedication and motivation to overcome these.

Have you ever thought seriously about working from home? If we’ve got you thinking about the possibility, take a look at our case studies for more food for thought.

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