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What Would Your Perfect Work Day Look Like?

October 22, 2015 Jonny Lilley

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What would your perfect workday look like? We bet you’ve thought about it. There are many theories out there about what the ideal work day would look like. The Huffington Post have shared their ultimate routine and many of us are fascinated by the work routines of very successful people.

Many of us have far less control over our work day than we’d like. As a result, it’s natural to spend time daydreaming about how we’d like things to be handled instead.

Perhaps you’ve considered how much more you’d enjoy your job if you…

  • Had more control over your office space
  • Felt appreciated
  • Could pass on certain responsibilities to other people
  • Were able to work more flexible hours
  • Had more control over the people you collaborated with
  • Worked with a manager who was on the same wavelength
  • Were given protected time to focus on your most important work
  • Had the power of veto on certain projects
  • Felt your personal priorities were respected
  • Were about to take more holiday
  • Had a shorter commute
  • Were based somewhere more exotic
  • Earned more money
  • Didn’t need to attend so many meetings
  • Were more involved in the bigger picture

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

If so, perhaps it’s time to take action. You may not be able to change your core hours or pick and choose from your responsibilities…. but you may have more control than you think.

Whatever kind of job you do, it’s likely that you will be able to make small changes. Those small changes could add up to a real shift that would help you feel a lot closer to your perfect work day.

Sound good? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Re-organise your desk to make it more inspiring

Remove any unnecessary clutter and think about adding a few photo frames, some postcards and a couple of your favourite mugs.

Experiment with productivity tools

You may not have control over everyone else, but you can find ways to make your own working time more effective.

Do something different at lunch time

Bring your own energy-boosting lunch and get away from your desk to eat it. Even better: get outside and stretch your legs.

Communicate in the way that makes you feel most comfortable

If email frustrates you, make it a habit to pick up the phone or speak to colleagues in person instead.

Bring headphone to work

When appropriate, consider spending some of the day with your own choice of music on. Not only could this help you focus more on important tasks, it’ll also signal to colleagues that you don’t want to be interrupted.

Create your own systems

This could be as simple as a carefully structured to do list or as complicated as a full on project management system.

Broach the subject of meetings

Speak to your colleagues about how they feel about shortening meetings. If they’re up for it you may be able to work together to make them more productive.

Of course, these changes might not be enough to help you feel differently about your job. If you still feel unsatisfied, you may want to think about whether a bigger shift would be right for you. Why not read about our day in the life of working from home? It might just inspire you!


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