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Six Healthy Ways to Boost Your Productivity

July 2, 2015 Jonny Lilley


Whatever your working situation, we bet you occasionally wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done. Sound about right?

Luckily, there are ways to boost your effectiveness at work without building a time machine! Some of these are a lot simpler than you might think. Instead of focusing your energy on introducing a new productivity technique, why not make a commitment to take better care of yourself instead?

Even a small change to how you treat your body could make a big difference in how well it’s able to keep up with the demands of the working day.

Here are six healthy ways to take care of yourself and boost your productivity levels.

Eat a home prepared lunch

What do you eat for lunch at work? If you usually buy a sandwich, you may not be as healthy as you thought. Studies have shown that some shop-bought sandwiches are as bad for you as burgers and pizza. If you want to avoid this, it can be a good idea to pack your own lunch at home. BBC Good Food has some helpful tips on what to include and avoid. If in doubt, we say choose raw, colourful and crunchy! Making healthier lunch choices could help give you the energy you need to get more done in the afternoon.

Drink more water

When we are dehydrated we get symptoms such as headaches and reduced energy. If you want to stay on top of your working game, it’s best to make sure you don’t reach this stage! It’s recommended that we all drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day, more if you’re exercising, if you’re in a warm environment, or have a health condition. If you’re not sure you’re getting enough water, check your wee! If you’re sufficiently hydrated it should be colourless or a very pale yellow.

Get some fresh air

The benefits of a stroll in the fresh air are far from just an old wives’ tale. In fact, research has shown that spending time outside increases energy levels in 90% of people. If you commonly experience a drop in energy during the working day, it could be beneficial to build some fresh air into your routine. Whether this is taking a walk round the block or even just stepping outside with a refreshing glass of water, it could give you a real boost.

Take a few minutes to stretch

Exercise can be a great way to give yourself an energy boost, but there’s not always time for a full workout in the middle of the working day! Instead, why not get into the habit of dedicating a few minutes of your lunch break to doing some yoga stretches? There’s evidence to show that it can be  beneficial for people who suffer from depression and stress so it could be just the thing to get you back into the mood to take on your to do list.

Plan a healthy afternoon snack

We know how tempting the vending machine or biscuit barrel can be when you’re working through a tricky work task. It can be particularly difficult to avoid mid-afternoon when many of us experience a dip in energy. This is a natural phenomenon and there are few things we can do to avoid it altogether. We can, however, make the most of the situation by snacking on something that will make us feel better rather than something that will make us feel worse. Plan to have something healthy like fruit or nuts to hand and you’re likely to be much better fuelled to take on the rest of the working day.


Though we are all breathing all the time, many of us don’t know how beneficial it can be to take some deep cleansing breaths. This really is one of the easiest ways to give your body an energy boost! Give yourself thirty seconds, close your eyes and take some really deep slow breaths. Make sure you fill your lungs, then empty them fully to rid your body of CO2. If you really want to focus on your breathing, have a go at some yoga breathing exercises.

If you try out any of these tips, we’d love to know how you get on. Why not tweet us @freedom_inspire?


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