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How to Make Sure You’re Valued at Work

June 18, 2015 Jonny Lilley

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How far would you go to feel valued in your career? Would you work extra hours? Take on more responsibilities? Change job? Agree to a pay cut?

It seems that most of us would go a long way just to hear “thank you” every now and again! 58% of us don’t think we hear this enough and unsurprisingly this leaves many of us feeling under-appreciated and unmotivated. A survey by Monster showed that, on average, most workers would be happy to be paid £134 a month less in return for a proper show of appreciation.

Don’t panic just yet: it’s not always necessary to take a pay cut in order to be properly valued! If you feel like your hard work is being ignored, there are some things you can do to encourage your workplace to acknowledge it.

Share your successes 

If you’re feeling like an unsung hero, it could be because your colleagues aren’t aware of all the hard work you’re doing. Next time you receive a positive comment from a client or contact in an email, think about forwarding it on to your line manager. Team meetings can also be a good time to keep everyone up to speed on what you’ve been working on. If you’ve hit a target, completed a project, received a rave review or had an excellent idea: let everyone know!

Work with your manager to set targets

It’s possible that you feel unappreciated at work simply because you’ve been putting your efforts into projects your manager doesn’t consider a priority. If you think this might be your problem, there’s an easy way to address it. Schedule a time to sit down with your manager and set some goals together. Not only will you be much clearer on where your employer wants you to focus your efforts: you’ll also have an easy way to measure how effectively you’re doing it.

Develop an expertise

In some cases you might need to distinguish yourself from your colleagues in order to be properly valued. If you have a passion or interest that’s relevant to your job, consider developing it into an expertise. Perhaps you’re really into web development or social media, or maybe you like to keep up to date with scientific studies. If you have relevant expertise to offer you’re likely to become an extremely valuable member of the time.

Look after yourself

Sometimes we can be so focused on trying to make sure everyone else is valuing us that we forget to value ourselves! If you’re feeling under appreciated, take a look at your own behaviour: have you been appreciating the hard work you’ve been doing? Make sure you eat well, exercise regularly and take the breaks that are allotted to you at work.

Think carefully about your career future

Everyone feels under-valued from time to time. If it’s becoming a more serious issue for you, it might be time to seriously consider whether you’re in the right job. A career change could help you surround yourself with more like-minded colleagues who would be better placed to properly appreciate what you do. Alternatively, you might find that you’d be happier if you were self-employed and fully in control of your workplace.

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