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How is the Job Market Changing?

July 8, 2015 Jonny Lilley



Wherever you are in your career, you’ll probably be well aware that the job market is very different to how it was five or ten years ago. This change is particularly crucial for new graduates who are finding themselves navigating a market that’s very different from the ones their parents and teachers have prepared them to expect.

Last year official statistics showed that overall graduate unemployment was at 7.3%, the lowest it’s been since 2008. Sounds good, right? The not-so-good news is that some critics have estimated that almost half of recent graduates are in non-graduate jobs, which suggests that huge numbers of young people are stuck in jobs that aren’t right for them, or at least not the ones they’ve spent the last three or four years studying for.

Does this sound like your experience? If so, you might want to join the growing trend of approaching the idea of a graduate job a little differently. In the last couple of years the number of new graduates who have registered as self-employed has gone up by an unbelievable 97%! Think they might be on to something? Here’s a bit of good news: following in their footsteps might be easier than you think.

The bright side of the changing job market is that there are now a lot more options to choose from than the standard 9-5.

More people are becoming freelance

There’s a wide scope of activities that sit under the umbrella title of freelance work. Some freelancers work for many clients from home, whereas others take on short term office-based contracts for one client at a time. Whichever option you choose, working freelance can be an excellent way to gain experience, make contacts, learn new skills and keep your working life varied.

More people are turning to entrepreneurship

Have you got a hot business idea you’re just burning to explore? Lots of people like you are taking the leap and starting their own business. This might be more achievable than you think: surveys show that the average cost of starting a business in the UK is just £312.

More people are working remotely from home

You don’t necessarily need to become self-employed to get the benefits of flexible working. Advances in technology mean that it’s now easier than ever for employees to work remotely from home. This style of working is already popular in certain industries and is likely to be a huge growth area in the years to come.

More people are embracing portfolio careers

It’s becoming more and more common for an individual to have more than one string to their bow when it comes to their career. For some this might be working multiple part time jobs, for others it might be launching your own venture in your non-working hours. Whatever your ambitions, embracing a portfolio career can be a good way to test the self-employment waters, boost your experience and earn extra cash.

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