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Five Ways to Boost Your Festive Finances

October 14, 2015 Jonny Lilley
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Have your kids started talking about Christmas wish lists yet? If they haven’t already, it won’t be long.

However much you love the festive season, you’re likely to resent the affect it has on your finances. The average British household expects to spend over £800 on Christmas, which can be a real pull on the purse-strings.

Want to make things a little easier this year? We’ve put together some suggestions on how to give your festive finances a boost.

Here are five ways you can get started now:

1. Sell your unwanted items

Many of us have all sorts of unwanted items in our homes. This could include books, DVDs, CDs, clothing, toys, baby items and hobby equipment. The good news is that there’s money to be made by selling them! If you’ve got a lot of things to sell, you could try doing a car boot or table top sale. Alternatively, try selling online. Sites such as eBay, gumtree or even free Facebook selling groups can all help you connect with people who want to give you cash for your stuff!

2. Get a high street temp job

Most high street shops take on extra staff to help with the lead up to Christmas. Do you already have a full time job? This isn’t necessarily an issue: you’ll probably be able to pick up an extra shift or two at the weekend. Of course this can be a very tiring option, especially if you are juggling a family. The plus side is that it’s a really solid way to bring in extra funds.

3. Pick up a delivery route

If you have a car and a driving license, there may be opportunities for you to get some freelance work as a delivery driver. Takeaways can be particularly keen to take on extra staff at this time of year. This kind of work is easy to fit in around an existing job and can be done after the kids are in bed.

4. Be a Mystery Shopper

With so much money being spent at this time of year, it’s not surprising that businesses are even more keen than usual to make sure they’re getting things right. This means there can be plenty of opportunities to work as a mystery shopper! This work can be very variable: if you sign up with a mystery shopping agency you could find yourself checking out bars, restaurants, cafes or shops. Payment type also varies. It’s common to be paid in vouchers or free items rather than cash: but that might suit you if you get vouchers for stores you can buy Christmas gifts from.

5. Build your own business

There’s no reason why your finances can’t look better all year round! We think one of the best ways to do this is to build your own business. How you choose to do this is completely up to you. Many people start a business because they want to give up their current job, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Building your own small business outside of work hours can have all sorts of benefits. You’ll earn extra money, but you’ll also be learning new skills, building your confidence, setting yourself new challenges and meeting new people.

Interested in where building your own business could lead you? Let us inspire you with our free report. You may also want to read more about the first steps to self-employment.

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